Monday, May 01, 2006

Lesson 10 summary
The Ethnics of Style

The responsibilities of writers are to writer clearly, but also in a sense that writers understand the complexity of ideas to be more than just Dick & Jane sentences (178). Williams notes, “If we are socially responsible writers, we should make our ideas no simpler than they deserve, but no more difficult than they have to be” (179). In doing so, the writer must establish a strong ethos that will inform the reader that you are in fact a reliable source. To some there is question as to why one wants to write clearly? Being that there is so much bad writing out there. The more experienced a writer becomes allots for writers to understand perfecting the writing process takes time. Writing does take practice, and time which makes it understood why refined writers are greatly appreciated. As writers we do take pride in knowing that we have created strong sentences and paragraphs. Williams suggests that it is more than crafting a catchy sentence; it is just the way humans are. We take pride knowing that we have created good work, not just perceived in writing.


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