Monday, April 24, 2006

Lesson 9

Writers write clearly and concisely, but to some such a clear cut way of writing can be a bit boring. Williams suggests that “a flash of elegance can not only fix thought in our minds, but give us a flicker of pleasure every time we recall it” (154). The focal point of this lesson is not just clear writing, but one that presents some satisfaction to not only the reader but for yourself. Making your sentence flow with balance and symmetry allows for the sentence to echo through the sound, and meaning. A clear sentence is determined by the way in which you start the sentence, and the ending establishes rhythm. Elegant sentences end in four ways: ending with a strong word, a prepositional phrase using of, balancing the stressed words with the previous ones, and finding a balance within both parts of a sentence. Williams notes that elegant style can not be found by simply reading the Style guide. It can be obtained through reading other works and you see how their elegant style works. The final thought of the lesson: “less is more” (173).


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