Tuesday, May 02, 2006

“Poverty may be the most stressful challenge facing single-parent families.”
- Journal of Marriage and the Family

Children rely on their parents for many kinds of support: emotional and financial. To young children wrapped in the arms of their parents they suddenly feel safe. That is the easy emotional support that parents provide for their children. As children grow up parents hold the responsibility of providing for their children’s every need. Until children are old enough to venture out into the working world, every lollipop, meal, article of clothing, or expenses for extracurricular activities come solely from their parents. When a family has undergone a divorce, a parent is erased from the picture. Along with one’s income to help provide for their children’s every waking need. Families are then left with less amounts of income to sustain their home and children.

It is in fact single parent families who suffer the most financially. Think about it, after a family has gone from the transition from a nuclear family to a single parent family the family suffers due to a lack of income. A nuclear family has the benefit of having two incomes in order for the families’ needs to be met. Apply a divorce; the amount of income is then cut in half. Today income within single parent families show, “34 percent of single mother-headed households and 16 percent of single father-headed households live below the poverty level (Field and Casper, 2001)” (Family Trends).

Single parent families suffer financially, but the single parents carry the burden of having to make enough money in order to provide for their children. The load due to the loss of a two parent income, now a single parent income puts an enormous amount of stress on the parent. According to an article “Single Parents” published in Family Trends, “loss of income due to divorce an increase of stress is placed among single parent families because of the constant concern to provide for the family. Stress becomes consumed by day-to-day needs: housing, food, and child care.” Parents have their concerns towards money in order to give their family everything that they need. Missy Brittain states, “There were weeks where I worked 80 hours a week in order to make enough money to provide for my family. I did this all because I wanted the best for my children. Our family did struggle in terms on finances, but I knew that I was working so that my children would have all that they needed to grow up in a healthy environment. I hated the thought of not being able to give my children the childhoods they deserved. That was what kept me going, I wanted to be the best mom for my children despite the fact that Jim, Elizabeth and Amy’s father, and I were not able to work through our marriage. At the time I knew that divorce was the best thing for our family, despite the financial struggles our family dealt with afterwards.”

Monday, May 01, 2006

Lesson 10 summary
The Ethnics of Style

The responsibilities of writers are to writer clearly, but also in a sense that writers understand the complexity of ideas to be more than just Dick & Jane sentences (178). Williams notes, “If we are socially responsible writers, we should make our ideas no simpler than they deserve, but no more difficult than they have to be” (179). In doing so, the writer must establish a strong ethos that will inform the reader that you are in fact a reliable source. To some there is question as to why one wants to write clearly? Being that there is so much bad writing out there. The more experienced a writer becomes allots for writers to understand perfecting the writing process takes time. Writing does take practice, and time which makes it understood why refined writers are greatly appreciated. As writers we do take pride in knowing that we have created strong sentences and paragraphs. Williams suggests that it is more than crafting a catchy sentence; it is just the way humans are. We take pride knowing that we have created good work, not just perceived in writing.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

More 1960's Paper Proposal
Roberts, Helen, ed. Doing Feminist Research. Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1981.

Roberts uses a collection of papers that sociologists have used and influenced feminism. Using personal stories it allows the reader to have a insight on the research that Roberts has found. The basis of the book is divided among theoretical, practical, and ethnical issues of feminism. In doing so, women have become noticeable in society.

Ruether, Radford Rosemary. New Women New Earth: Sexist Ideologies and Human Liberation. New York: The Seabury Press, 1975.

The book is a combination of the issue dealing with sexism. Ruether uses ideologies, and religious beliefs of sexism in order to show the oppression that women have to deal within society. Stereotypes are placed upon women, and women fight against the stereotypes hoping to win. Women who are strong, and able to process a different mindset should be able to be inferior.

Tobias, Sheila. Faces of Feminism: An Activist’s Reflections on the Women’s Movement. United States: Westview Press, 1997.

Shelia Tobia had an active role in the Second Wave Feminism. She feels men and women are able to meet in the middle in terms of process. She fills the readers on the issues of feminism that have been surfacing for decades.

Vidulich, Dorothy. "A radical option for feminist communities.(Statistical Data Included)." National Catholic Reporter 36.24 (April 14, 2000): 25. Expanded Academic ASAP. Thomson Gale. Randolph-Macon College. 12 April 2006 .

Women have gained power within the church. Until about the 1960’s women were not given the opportunity to do much in the church. It was from 1970 on, women were not starting to study theology. Vidulich states, “Not all Catholic women are feminists. But they are theologians.” Yet, now women do not want to take on the role and work beside men.

The source that I found most useful was the Feminist Mystique because it is a primary source, that really gave an insight as to how things were in the 1960’s. Using all of Friedan’s stories, among a lot of other women I felt like I had a strong understanding as to how women felt towards the feminist movement. In the book, I felt like I established an emotional connection with the women because they felt like they did not have self worth. You were able to side with the women, and imagine what that would be like. It is interesting to think back to the 1960’s and how different things would be. I really enjoyed reading this book, and felt like I was able to gain a first hang knowledge from Friedan. There were some sources that I felt were harder for me to get interested in, but the Feminist Mystique really grabbed me into the story. I am not sure if the "A radical option for feminist communities.(Statistical Data Included)" will really help me in my paper, but it was nice to get a different perspective on how women are in the church. I am do not think that I will really have a section on women’s religious involvement for my paper.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Summary of prisoner abuse scandal
What happened on the “night shift of Tier 1 at Abu Ghraib prison were acts of brutality and purposeless sadism. The pictures shown were unacceptable even at war time; they were not part of any of the authorized interrogations. They represent deviant behavior and the failure of military leadership and discipline” (“Final Report of the Independent Panel to Review DoD Detention Operations”).
Janis Karpinski was the highest ranking officer before the torture scandal ever occurred. She knows the details pertaining to what happened in Abu Ghraib. There has been talk about how the military officials play into the tortures themselves. One in particular is General Miller. He was the person in charge of detainment center in the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He was sent to Abu Ghraib to help improve the interrogating techniques used. General Miller actually made it a point to come and assist with different techniques. He himself said that the interrogators were being too nice to them. He even took it a step further and gave an example used in Guantanamo. He said that you have to let them know who is in charge, “you have to treat them like dogs.” Interesting enough, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld authorized the interrogation techniques. So who dropped the ball? The Secretary of Defense was pressuring for additional intelligence and more aggressive methods, but was based solely on the needed and appropriate detains which the government defined as “unlawful combatants.”

To what extent should principles of human rights and international law played a role in America’s decision to invade Iraq?

Human rights and international law should play a role in America’s decision to invade Iraq. Where the lines should be drawn should be regulated by the government. The government is fighting in Iraq in order to protect itself from terrorism, and free people in Iraq, enforce international law, and bring peace to the Middle East. In terms of international law, Brian Lepard notes there should be a principle of moral laws requiring governments to take some measurements on the measures of their abilities to prevent violations on human rights, like crimes against humanity, war crimes and torture. The victory that the Iraqi people had over Saddam have been seen as a positive consequence in terms of the moral standpoint of human rights. Saddam is said to be the worst Slobodan Milosevic.
The war can be morally justified because Saddam Hussein was a brutal tyrant, violator of Human Rights, torture and a mass murder causing terror to the world. There were some contradictions because there were arguments as to why the United States wanted to remove Saddam out of power when they supported once the brutal war with Iran. The United States did not do anything about the brutal regime, and allowed what Kanan Makiya called the “Republic of Fear.”
The war with Iraq helped to make the lives of the Iraqi people better. The reason in doing this was to allow the brutal regime to be overpowered. In order to gain the rights of the Iraqi people back. To the Iraqi people, they feel that their rights have been taken away but American soldiers are over there fighting to better their lives. Of course, the Abu Ghraib scandal comes to mind in terms of Iraqi people’s own rights being violated. In my opinion, they were indeed violated. Even if they were held in detainment, they should not have to be degraded. With prisoners, determining what human rights are can be difficult. But with proper people in charge, and overseeing what happens this should not be a problem. Whether it is the President, Secretary of Defense, or the highest ranking general, the rights among humans should not be put in jeopardy.

Friday, April 28, 2006

My Spanish Composition

Busco una vacación que seamos divertidos. Mi familia y yo fuimos de camping. Fuimos a Chattanooga, TN. Fue al campamento y monta una tienda de campaña. Mi hermana y yo monta una tienda de campaña juntos. Nosotros trabajamos mucho. Entonces mi hermana y yo sudamos porque hace calor. Mis padres animaron a terminar con la tienda de campaña. Nosotros dormir en la tienda de campaña esa noche.

Después de monta una tienda de campaña nosotros cocinamos nuestras cenas. Nosotros hicimos la comida con la fogata. Tener la pasta con el ají, el champiñón y el ajo. Nuestras cenas son excelentes. Después de la cena, jugamos los naipes con mi familia. Mi madre expone diestra y ella gano también. Luego nosotros nos dormimos porque tuvimos mucho de la mañana. Lo pasé muy bien con juegos competitivos. Nado en el lago con mi hermana cuando fuera la equitación.

Yo me divertí con mi familia cuando fuimos de camping. Mi hermana y yo tenían divertidos. Yo aprendí a vivir en una tienda de campaña. Yo aprendí a poner una tienda de campaña juntos también. Fue de camping otra vez. Mi familia fuimos de camping este verano. Yo fue de camping con mis primos en Charleston, SC. Mis primos no fuimos de camping. Mis primos quería a fue de camping con mi.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Current Social and Religious Tensions of Judaism

Israel’s secular community feels threatened by the amount of force religion has been placed on the community. Making people feel trapped, and left questioning the way of the secular community. The followers of Judaism feel threatened by the religious force. On top of the fact, that Judaism is obtaining a role in politics. (http://judaism.about.com/od/politics/a/gazaevac_behind.htm)
Zionism, known as the new civil religion has made for a positive change towards the more traditional Judaism. Except with good, comes controversy which brings me to the next belief that it is moving towards a secular belief. In terms of the Israeli community, Zionism has been the basis of making the society more traditional. (http://www.photius.com/countries/israel/society/israel_society_ethnicity_and_social~8723.html)
The Torah is now back in Judaism, and a lot of people are not sure how to react to the news. Ezer Weizman was the old president who passed down the position to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. It is Hosni Mubarak who is bringing back the Torah, which has been the basis of a lot of tension with Judaism. The Torah brings forth awful memories of the Yom Kippur War. The Yom Kippur War and the torah both are reminders of the way the war panned out. (http://www.torah.org/features/secondlook/memories.html)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Starting to get the wheels turning...

Children raised in single parent families “have realistic and cautious views of marriage and family life” (Strengths of Single Parent Families). Why is that so? Children raised in a single parent family have seen the positive and negative aspects of how a family is raised. It is the learning experiences that they have taken away from their environment at home to shape their own perceptions of their relationships and marriage. Children learn from their peers, and if a negative atmosphere at home is caused by the fact that their parents are not happy among themselves, children know. If children grow up listening to the muffled sounds of their parents bickering back and forth throughout the night, of course they are going to be cautious of who they decide to marry. Not to say that this is a bad thing by any means because they face relationships, and one day marriage with a realistic view. If single parent families have come to terms that life is not always going to end up in a happily ever after fairytale, then they are benefiting both their partner and themselves. With that said, divorce has completely put an entirely new meaning to the fairy tale we all hope for. Children of single parent families have a different view of a fairy tale because it becomes more or less some that you are able to get along with, and enjoy the time you spend with your partner. Not so much that they are looking for Prince Charming to show up on a white horse to sweep you off your feet. With a realistic view, children from single parent families tend to be more passionate about who they fall in love with. They are more concisely aware that divorce does happen, and it may be possible that they could end up as a single parent family, like their own parents did.